Herberg d’n Brouwer

Herberg d’n Brouwer (the ‘Brewer’s Inn’) in the Brabant town of Zeeland is a café, brasserie, B&B and restaurant all under one roof. Moreover, this historic building is not just the birthplace of one of the most famous actresses in the Netherlands, but it is also a former brewery where you can try one of more than 300 (!) speciality beers. Enjoy the romantic rooms, where you can dream you are in one of the famous scenes which the Dutch actress Monique van de Ven appeared in, such as Turks Fruit and the Oscar winning De Aanslag (The Assault). Being centrally located in the province, D’n Brouwer appeals mainly to tourists who are in search of a romantic stay in a historic building. But cyclists also come here to take a break from one of the many routes in the area.